"Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage." Claude M. Bristol

What I do well – Work

I joined FedEx, eager to work for one of the best corporations in the world. Having been in education for several years, I wanted to experience the corporate setting and expand my knowledge, skills and experiences as well as to promote education to children, worldwide, through the corporation. To that end, my first project was to develop and facilitate a free technology camp for middle school students as a community service project. The project lasted for a few years, in several communities throughout the country.

FedEx: since 2001

Current Division: Solutions and Digital Access Marketing
Job Title: Solutions Specialist Advisor

What do I do at work?

Using my skills and expertise, my focus is education and strategic communications.
  • Education Component: Coaching our sales force, who utilize internally developed tools with our customers, provides them with the knowledge they need to build relationships with our customers.
  • Strategic Communications Component:Writing, creating layout and design, and publishing guides that uniquely describe our teams is an endeavor to broaden opportunities for international growth within the company. Customer-facing documents and the production of both internal and external video are also part of the strategic communications vision within our team.
  • The impact of all of this is essential to our effectiveness as we strive to uniquely demonstrate our value to our customers. This role is a solid match for my academic background, Doctorate in Educational Technology, and experience with publishing, course development, and communications.

    Additional details of employment within FedEx are available by request.

    St. Mary's Episcopal School: 1988-2001

  • 1995-2001 Coordinator of Academic Technology, Chairman of Computer Science Department, Staff Development Training, Web Site Developer
  • 1988-1994 Lower School Computer Coordinator

  • St. Benedict at Auburndale School, formerly Auburndale School: 1986-1988

  • Computer Coordinator, Journalism Teacher, Yearbook Sponsor
  • Web Site Development