"Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage." Claude M. Bristol

My Story

For years, I taught at a school for children in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. As the Coordinator of Academic Technology, I oversaw the educational technology curriculum for students, faculty and school administration at St. Mary's Episcopal School in Memphis, Tennessee. I won numerous awards including Apple Distinguished Educator in 1999 and had recognition twice through the Smithsonian Institute Museum of American History where some of my work is archived (2000, 2001) as part of the Computerworld Honors Program. I earned an Ed.D. (Doctor of Education - Educational Technology) at Pepperdine University. I joined FedEx, eager to work for one of the best corporations in the world. There were a few reasons for this change including a desire to experience the corporate setting and expand my knowledge, skills and experiences as well as to promote technology in education to children, worldwide, through a technology camp that I developed and led for several years. That’s my professional story in a nutshell, to a point.

What I do well

With extensive skills and experience in areas including web site development, corporate communications, strategic planning and development and more, I work for a vice president at FedEx. My role is extensive. I love it because it allows me a great deal of creativity and autonomy – everything from planning and facilitating internal learning sessions for thousands of adult learners (FedEx Sales) to writing and articles for internal publications, read worldwide. Creating strategic marketing pieces for internal and external customers means planning, producing and publishing, producing videos and managing internal communications. These elements are part of the implementation of a long-range strategic vision.

Notable Accomplishments in Academia

St. Mary's Episcopal School: Established and led K-12, renowned, 150+ year-old independent school into the world of technology, 1988-2001

Notable Accomplishment in Corporate America

FedEx Technology Camp (article preview)
Established, developed, facilitated and mentored a free technology camp for middle school students for FedEx, 1996-2001, in several US cities and the subject of my dissertation: ABC Technology Camp – Preparing Students for the Future

Recognitions - partial list

Web Site Development